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Downloads What to take to uni checklist Uni life hacks ebook. Undergraduate Full time Part time. Parents and partners Repayment Advanced Learner Loan. Turn on thread page Beta Toggle. Starting uni is full of surprises: Start new discussion Reply. Follow 1 They can be found here: Follow 2 For the first question. Follow 3 Last edited by chloebooth; at Annabelglover Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Annabelglover.

Follow 4 Nominal data, was named categories of either pupils who did the questionaire or not. Erinfm Follow 0 followers 0 badges Send a private message to Erinfm Follow 5 Follow 6 Yeah so many people put nominal, I did too..

Zozaaaa Follow 4 followers 14 badges Send a private message to Zozaaaa. Follow 7 What kind of data was used in this experiment? Many people have also put nominal data or primary data however nominal data is a level of measurement and not a kind of data? Unsure, the first few questions for social were confusing for everyone it seems.

What will happen in each condition? How can you overcome the limitations of the design used? Many people have also said to use a repeated measures or patched pairs design to minimise extraneous variables.

I think standardisation may also be acceptable here as an independent measures design was used and this can be used to minimise extraneous variables also.

Chi squared test was used, apart from levels of measurement, give two reasons why it was used 2 marks Used because it was independent groups and they were looking for a difference. Although the difference was given in the stem, it asked not to talk about nominal data as that is a level of measurement 5.

Using the degrees of freedom table, is data from this experiment significant? Discuss the authoritarian personality as an explanation for obedience 8 marks The authoritarian personality was found by adorno who said it had certain characteristics, these would include conventional attitudes towards sex, race and gender.

They believe we need strong leaders to enforce traditional values and are extremely loyal and submissive to authority. This type of personality was found to be as a result of harsh parenting. This parenting style consisted of high expectations, criticism of perceived failings, and conditional love.

However, one limitation of this explanation is that it cannot explain why a whole country obeyed. For example, pre-war germany all had racist, anti-sematic views and therefore displayed the personality depsite the fact that they must have had individual differences in their personality. This means that this explanation cannot apply to everyone, so social identity theory is more correct.

Recovering the information from storage. When information passes through a series of memory stores Short term store: Results show that after 18seconds the trigrams were forgotten This study concluded that rehearsal is necessary when trying to hold information in the short term store.

This study lacks ecological validity since this situation would not happen in real life, however is a lab conducted experiment which means less participant variables. Other factors could affect the accuracy of recall such as the difficulty of trigrams showed which is considered an extraneous variable. His aim was to see if people would alter information when give unfamiliar information. His method was to tell the story "war of the ghosts" to participants and asked them to recall throughout the weeks.

Results show that participants altered part about ghosts, and each time they recalled , the story became less accurate. This study concluded that when given unfamiliar information we tend to alter it to fit our belief and understanding. This study can't be generalized since only university students were used as participants. This has practical applications such as the accuracy of eye witness testimonies.

The depth at which information is thought about when trying to encode into memory. My email address is adammatthews22 yahoo. I'm new on Resourcd and haven't quite gotten the hang of sending messages. Good exemplar of a Love the slides - looks great and c Thank you, I'll use this with my Y1.

Stress other factors affecting eye witness testimony. Does anyone know where I can find the past papers? Thank you so much in advance for any help. Hannah send me your email and I can help with a few. Sunday, October 11,

Unit 1 4181:

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Revise and prepare for exams in GCSE Psychology () by downloading past papers/specimen papers, mark schemes and example answers.

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Past papers archive search results for aqa gcse psychology. Please note, all these 7 pdf files are located of other websites, not on

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Below are links to AQA GCSE Psychology Question Papers and Mark Schemes available for download. Making Sense of Other People papers Understanding Other. Can’t find your papers? We only publish question papers and mark schemes for current specifications. Some question papers and mark schemes are no longer available after .

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On the left we have all the topics we need to learn for AQA GCSE psychology. We have a total of 8 topics in total spread over 2 exam papers. Each exam paper is worth 50% of the overall GCSE and is 1hr 45 minutes long. GCSE Psychology provides a sound understanding of the methods and approaches through various topic areas representing the core areas of social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences.