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❶When Oedipus confronted his "parents" about this, they denied that he was adopted and swore that he was their legitimate child. A fabulous animal, symbolically significant for its domination of both the earth and the sky - because of its lion's body and eagle's head and wings.

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Prometheus he was wise and his name means "Forethought" took over the task of creation and considered ways to make humans superior. When the goddess of wisdom Athena was born out of the head of Zeus, Prometheus or some say Hephaestus assisted in the "delivery". Wise Athena then taught Prometheus mathematics, navigation, astronomy, architecture, medicine and many other arts.

That's how Prometheus got to be so smart. Along with his ability to foresee the future, that made him a formidable Titan. Prometheus had created humans in the likeness of gods, using the clay and water of Panopeus, and Athena had breathed a living soul into them.

To compensate for the lack of great qualities, which had foolishly all been given to the creatures by Epimetheus, the wise Titan made Man stand upright like the gods, to be noble and conscious, and to hold his head high, looking up at the heavens. As yet there were no mortal women on the earth.

That came later, as we will see. Prometheus passed onto Man the useful arts taught him by Athena and looked with joy upon his creation. He felt badly, however, because when Man sacrificed to the gods, the best portions of the animal were offered to the Olympians, leaving little for the people. So Prometheus tricked Zeus into choosing one pile of offerings, cleverly disguised to look delicious, but instead hiding fat and bones. Zeus fell for the trick and impulsively chose the wrong pile, and from then on humans got to keep the good and tasty parts of the animal offerings, giving to Zeus the useless portions.

This made the King of the Olympians real mad, so he punished Prometheus, who was laughing at him. Zeus took fire away from Man - "Let them eat their meat raw! Zeus knew that he would seem ungrateful if he directly hurt Prometheus, since the Titan had really helped him become King of Olympus, so he did the next best thing - Swearing revenge, he punished humans by taking away their fire.

Well, you know that didn't sit well with Prometheus. Daily he looked down with sadness upon his creation, watching them shiver in the cold and try to eat their food raw. Slowly they began to die and Prometheus could no longer sit by idly. Prometheus arranged a meeting with Athena and beseeched her for help. The wise and gracious Athena kindly revealed to Prometheus a hidden backstairs entrance to Olympus and he gained entrance to the Palace of the gods, one of few to do so.

Upon arriving he lit a torch from the fiery chariot of the sun god, as Helios passed by. Breaking off a fragment of glowing charcoal, he hid the fire inside the hollow of a giant fennel-stalk. Unsure of what to do, he sent Creon, brother of Jocosta, to ask the oracle of Delphi as to the cause of the plague, and how to eliminate it. Oedipus told the crowd that Creon was late returning, but as soon as he got back, Oedipus promised to do whatever the oracle said.

Just then, Creon arrived. Since he bore good news, he was wearing laurel leaves with berries around his head. Announcing "All's well that ends well", Creon said that Apollo's oracle claimed that the killer of Laius must be found and banished, and then the plague of Thebes would end.

Apollo himself had promised that a diligent investigation would reveal the murderer. Oedipus was quite shocked at such negligence, not yet realizing that it was he who unwittingly had slain king Laius, his own father.

Now he is a very old man, you know When you came to the city, he abruptly left for his hut in the mountains and has never since returned. Oedipus proceeded to put a formal curse on the murderer of the old king, whoever he was. No citizen anywhere was allowed to give him shelter, food or hospitality.

Ironically, Oedipus assured the people that he would do everything within his powers to avenge the death of the old king, just as if the late king were his own father. Further, whoever came forward with information about the murder of Laius would be richly rewarded, and if the killer himself confessed, he would not be punished beyond having to leave the city permanently.

On the other hand, if anyone concealed the killer, Oedipus said that he would be cursed and punished. Next, Oedipus decided to consult the famous blind prophet, Teiresias, in hope to find out the divine truth. This respected seer advised Oedipus to forget this matter, to never even try to discover the murderer. At this, Oedipus became angry and accused Teiresias of being a false prophet, or, worse yet, a conspirator with murderers. It was the old prophet's turn to get angry.

Informing Oedipus that he is far too young to speak to him in that fashion, Teiresias told the king that "before the sun is down, you will find out yourself a husband and a son and brother of your children.

Hearing the men's shouts, queen Jocasta came out from the palace to find Oedipus bewildered and perplexed. He proceeded to tell his wife about the crazy blind prophet. Jocasta begged her husband to ignore the seer's words, for they were filled with lies. J ocasta then told Oedipus how, in her youth, an oracle had told her and Laius that he would be killed by his own son. She told how the baby son had been left to die in the mountains, and how Laius had been killed by robbers at a crossroad Rather than comforting Oedipus, her words began to worry him and to plant some seeds of doubt in his mind.

He began asking all sorts of questions from his wife: Where did the murder occur? How long before he had arrived to Thebes? What did Laius look like? With each answer, his mood grew darker. The queen's description evoked the memory of his encounter with the old man in the chariot, whom he had left dead on the crossroad. Could this be Laius? The course of what the ancient poets called peripeteia turn of events triggered the mechanisms of anagnorisis realization. At that crucial moment, a messenger from Corinth arrived with good and bad news: The bad - Oedipus' old father, King Polybus of Corinth, was dead; The good - the city of Corinth expected Oedipus to return and be their king.

Oedipus was cautious of the news, hesitant to return to Corinth: He spoke how in his youth the Delphic oracle had warned him that he would kill his father and marry his mother, and that he had decided never to return home, lest somehow the prophecy came true.

Oedipus was anxious to go and see his mother while she was still alive, but as long as she lived, he still feared the woeful prophecy. The messenger then dropped the bomb on him -- He informed Oedipus that Queen Merope of Corinth was not his real mother and that he was adopted as a baby. When Oedipus pressed him for details on how he knew this, the messenger replied that he was the one who had delivered him to his royal parents.

He had gotten him from some shepherd who had found him wailing, with his feet pierced and bound, way up on Mount Cithaeron. Hearing this, Jocasta turned pale and nearly fainted. She quietly implored Oedipus to cease his investigations regarding his heritage.

She now realized everything, including the fact that she had married her own son, and was aghast at the turn of events. Oedipus, on the other hand, suspected that he was the one who killed king Laius, but hadn't yet realized that the victim was his real father.

Oedipus was determined to "know thyself" and was eager to unearth the truth regardless of the price. Just then the messenger from Corinth saw the old Shepherd approaching and recognized the man as the one who years ago had given him the baby boy.

He plead forgetfulness and implored Oedipus to let him go. Nothing doing -- the king was determined to learn the truth. Indeed the identity of the baby was established, but the question still remained as to whose baby it was.

Pressed for answers, the shepherd finally revealed the fact that the baby was the son of Laius and Jocasta: Only then came the full anagnorisis realization of the tragedy. Not only had Oedipus killed his own father, but he unknowingly had wed his mother and fathered children with her. The oracle's prophecy had come to pass. From the palace emanated cries of anguish and woe -- Queen Jocasta was dying!

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Myth Man's Gaea Homework Help. Heeding Gaea's advice, Zeus swallowed Metis site in due time the goddess Athena sprang from his head. Mother Mans even proved helpful to Zeus in his help versus Atlas and the Titans, shortly after taking power.

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Myth mans homework help center Mans god Uranus was emasculated and the Sky separated from the Earth. From the blood of Uranus that homework on her, Gaea conceived the Eirynes Furiesthe avenging goddesses who pursued and punished murderers montana homework help evil-doers. Myth mans homework help center Gaea's children with Uranus are the Titans, mans Cyclopes, site the hundred-handed giants called help Hecatonchires. With Tartarus she myth the mother of the monster Typhon homework the Giants.